VIDEO: Concept to completion in 7 days!

Every day, we are having conversations with clients about how to tweak messaging and stay top of mind – whether they are “essential” businesses operating now – or have modified operations significantly and are planning for their future fuller-capacity. It’s not surprise that social media and videos are proving to be a great way.

We’re (all) relying a lot more on social media these days – for news, for connecting, and, professionally, for advertising. We’re seeing big gains for clients, even with relatively small budgets, on Facebook, PPC and other digital targeting. Globally, people are spending significantly more time on their social media feeds.

The video featured here was an extremely fast turnaround, even for us: seven days from script to launch! It’s an impressive feat of clients being willing to take a chance, go public, show their current working environments and connect with consumers on a human level. Yes, we’re all trying to keep our businesses open – but we are all also working to keep our teams and your family safe: at home.

About the Video: Process

The finished spot needed to “work” with video shot in multiple locations, on a variety of cameras, in a wide range of audio environments (every editor’s nightmare – ha!). With different backgrounds, volume levels and lighting, we knew editing would be …challenging. The video also needed to stand out on social media feeds amidst the news, nonsense, pictures of kids and cute animals – and COVID-19 updates. So the black and white format was as functionally necessary as it was strategically sound.

We provided each video participant with filming guidelines, and each quickly recorded themselves at home or in their offices, following all social distancing guidelines. To keep the messaging relevant and timely – we knew we had to produce quickly. Script to release was just seven days!

We’re not only proud too the fast turnaround – we are proud of the companies featured, and, grateful for the opportunity to help them spread their message and reach homeowners.

Kudos to Allrite Home & Remodeling, Creative Construction of Wisconsin, Current Electric, Design Tech Remodeling, Ironwood Builders, Lifetime Radon Solutions, and Source 1 Project Solutions for your vision, your voice and your acting skills!

If you’re interested in ramping up your digital or social media campaigns, reach out! Whether you need some guidance, or are ready to get started – we’re working from our sweet home offices – ready to help.

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