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About the “Her” in Her & Himsel

I’ve been an advertising geek since I was a kid. My childhood nickname was brand-loyal, an ode to my favorite jeans (that I clearly wore too much): Jordache Jessica. I’d spent hours taping my own radio shows on a lilac-colored boombox in my bedroom. They always included an awful rendition of the best 80’s jingles sung by yours truly. (“Just a little slice of America … Wonder Bread!”) I won an advertising contest in high school – earning myself a brand-new bike that I still have today.

In college, I was an unusual student, enrolled in both the art and business schools, so that I could study communications from the right- and left-brain perspectives. It was the perfect way, I thought, to set myself up for a career in advertising. It paid off when I graduated, landing my first job on Madison Avenue in NYC.

Since then, I’ve spent nearly 20 years telling a wide range of brand stories – from international conglomerates like Lockheed Martin, Hershey’s and Sephora to homegrown staples like the Milwaukee Brewers and Mitchell Airport. I spent over a decade at a small agency, which gave me opportunities to grow creatively and strategically; crafting, planning and leading projects from concept through production, analysis and optimization.

The right message to the right people – at the right moments. Whether I’m designing, writing or managing, I’m a team player and a big-picture thinker that thrives on this industry. Always have. Always will.

What Others Have To Say.

Helping craft the right message, for the right audience, at the right time. Bringing value to any team. But don’t take our word for it …

“Jessica Himsel is a true front runner within her field of marketing. It was a pleasure to work with her on some new marketing launches that were very time sensitive. With Jessica’s detailed plan it was very easy to work with her and hit our target! Her leadership not only saved us development time but also money. Our team looks forward to working with Jessica again in the near future.”

Tom McAdams
Medical Device/Industrial Sales Engineer

“Jessica always brings creative ideas and a positive attitude to her projects. She has a bigger view of marketing than simply design or writing or strategy…she sees the whole picture. What I appreciate most is how she will (gently) push me to try something new or think of things in a new way. She always makes my initial idea/request better. Jessica is a true marketing partner and a pleasure to work with.”

Sara Luke
DBD Group

“Jessica and her team are fantastic! She has reshaped our company image for the positive and her contributions are key to our strategy. Also, her network of key people and services is fantastic.”

Ryan Brooks

Her & Himsel is a full-service marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Milwaukee, WI that serves clients across the country.
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